Golf club managers want to know what their peers think...

"Inside Line's certainly worked for us. Having a different editorial every quarter has generated a good response rate and created much better exposure than the regular advertising we used to do."

John Critchley, Managing Director Croft Computer Systems

Inside Line's editorial strategy is to get the opinions of your satisfied customers and make them worth reading. Inside Line gives you:

Advertorial in a quality format: Inside Line looks good and is designed to be an easy read

None of the hassle: Tell me who to contact, and why. I take care of everything else, from drafting to mailing.

Enquiries pushed directly to you: All your contact details are published on your page

PDFs of your articles: get PDFs of your articles simply by clicking on the appropriate issue in my website

More bang for your buck: One issue of Inside Line costs £1,200 plus VAT, four issues are 4,400.